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Version 0.2.0


  • It is now possible to clear/reset all input fields (cb139c6 2b9e229 ba3a575 371ff3f f51e5ed)
  • Clearing all fields is now also offered when closing the code dialog after copying the content at least once (3fe735e)
  • Focus input field after acting on the corresponding add-button and select text (38e0337)
  • It is now possible to active the "add" buttons with the enter key (dec5ccd)


  • Display listings as unordered list (8077316)
  • Recipe name for source URL text (01f8bdd)
  • Allow ingredients without specifying an amount (094dd51)
  • Fixed typo "Variantionen" (32b4c7a)
  • Close without crashing (02f9129)
  • Provide custom close dialog for translated buttons (97b16d1 7b7b92b 960258e)

Version 0.1.0

  • Initial release