Boilerplate for using TYPO3 with DDEV-Local
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TYPO3 DDEV-Local Boilerplate

DDEV-Local is a tool for setting up local PHP development environments within few minutes using Docker. It includes specific support for various PHP platforms including TYPO3.

While it is quite simple to use, it requires a little bit of initial setup for new or existing projects. This boilerplate repository contains an example configuration for a DDEV-Local TYPO3 setup. As with everything else there is more than one way to do it and of course you do not need to follow this configuration (exactly). Please be aware that this repository only includes the configuration for DDEV but not the boilerplate for a TYPO3 extension. It is necessary to add the therefore required configuration yourself. So this repository may be more used as a reference point then as a clone-and-start-coding setup.

How to use it

To start with it is of course required to install ddev first. After setting up a TYPO3 extension structure including this boilerplate (beware to customize .ddev/config.yaml and composer.json to your needs) it is necessary to run ddev composer install for setting up the TYPO3 project and afterwards start the project with ddev start. By running ddev launch or visiting the displayed URL you can continue the setup of the local TYPO3 installation in your browser and start developing the extension in the root folder of the TYPO3 project.

How it works

The boilerplate contains a composer.json file for TYPO3 v10 created with ddev composer create "typo3/cms-base-distribution:^10" --prefer-dist. The corresponding composer.lock file is also included in the .gitignore. In the directory .ddev there is a basic config.yaml file containing the DDEV configuration which is accompanied with the docker-composer.environment.yaml file for setting the TYPO3_CONTEXT to Development. Additionally the config.yaml file and the composer.json define that the TYPO3 installation and configuration is kept in the .build directory (which is also ignored in .gitignore). The last file to mention is the .gitattributes which defines export-ignore rules for the relevant files/directories in this repository.


All credits go to contributors of the bootstrap_package especially Benjamin Kott and Gilbertsoft. The content of this repository is more or less exactly modeled after it.