My Emacs Configuration
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My Emacs Configuration

Welcome to my Emacs configuration! Feel free to browse, read, borrow and/or inspire yourself!

Note: You can also find my configuration at

This Emacs configuration is written using Org Mode in and compiled to Emacs Lisp on startup using the init.el file. It is licensed under the General Public License version 3 (GPLv3).

The configuration is not as new as it seems. I declared .emacs bankruptcy on 12 March 2020 and started writing a this new configuration back then which I continuously used. Nevertheless it took more than one and a half year to finally release it again to the public (mind the commit message of the bankruptcy: "Starting a new Emacs configuration in a new repository. Will be available soon."). Since then I made over 270 commit in a private repository since in the beginning I was not sure IF or HOW to handle private information in the configuration. Since I don't have any motivation to browse all these commit to perhaps find something I don't want to publish I decided to release the configuration to the public in a new repository.

Next to the main host at I also mirror the repository to GitLab and GitHub. All three feature a rudimentary display of org mode and so you can read the directly in your browser. Although I recommend downloading it and viewing it in Emacs to get all the advantages of Org.