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A python script for viewing the menu of the mensa at the university of ulm
A python script for viewing the menu of the canteens of the Studierendenwerk Ulm in Ulm. The supported canteens are:
- Mensa University
- CafeteriaB
- Southside Burgerbar
- Bistro
- Cafeteria West
- WestSideDiner
- Mensa Hochschule
After making the mensaplan.py executable with `chmod +x mensaplan.py` you have the following options:
./mensaplan.py place
Print the todays menu at the place.
./mensaplan.py place [mon, thu, wed, thur, fri]
Print the menu at the place of the given weekday.
Supported places are:
Mensa University: mensa
Bistro: bistro
Burgerbar Southside: burgerbar
CafeteriaB: cafeteriab
Cafeteria West: west
West Side Diner: westside
Mensa Hochschule: hochschule
## License
MIT License