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Quick Deploy

Quick Deploy is a simple PHP-based solution for continuous delivery without any dependencies.

Quick Deploy Graphic

See also my corresponding blog post.

Basic idea

You have a Git server (like Gitea, but just a bare repo should also work) where you host a repo that you want to deploy somewhere. The somewhere (same or other server) has a Web Server with PHP capabilities running (my use case: I develop a TYPO3 site package, TYPO3 runs on PHP). In your Git repo (server-side) you define post-receive Git hook which just sends a simple HTTP GET request your deploy-server (over HTTTPS, of course) like Where your secret is known to you, your git post-receive hook and the quick-deploy script. If the given secret matches the predefinded than a pull request in the given repository is attempted. It git fails, a 500 error will be returned. Additionally the git output will be printed.


  1. Download the quick-deploy.php script and the config.example.json in a public accesible folder on your server where you want to deploy your code.
  2. Create a secret. For example run openssl rand -base64 42
  3. Copy (or rename) the config.example.json and edit it to your liking. You can find a list of options and their requirement later. Remove the example file afterwards.
  4. Set correct permissions on config.json. It needs to be readable by the quick-deploy.php script (presumably run by the user www-data) but must not be accessible over the web. Otherwise your secret is no longer one. chmod 600 config.json should do that.
  5. Create g Git post-receive-hook in your Git repository like the following:
curl https://your.deploy.server/quick-deploy.php?secret=YOUR_SECRET

Configuration variables

Here is a alphabetically list of possible configuration variables and if it is necessary that their set.

Key Default Required Description
branch master No Branch which should be used
local-path N/A Yes Path of the deployed git repository
remote-path N/A Yes Path or URL of the remote Git repository
secret N/A Yes Secret which is exchanged as GET paramter


Feel free to contribute if you want to.