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#!/bin/bash -ex
# Any copyright is dedicated to the Public Domain.
# Clear out repos and fat store from prior test runs
rm -fR fat-test fat-test2 /tmp/fat-store
git init fat-test
cd fat-test
git fat init
cat - >> .gitfat <<EOF
remote = localhost:/tmp/fat-store
echo '*.fat filter=fat -crlf' > .gitattributes
git add .gitattributes .gitfat
git commit -m'Initial fat repository'
ln -s /oe/dss-oe/dss-add-ons-testing-build/deploy/licenses/common-licenses/GPL-3 c
git add c
git commit -m'add broken symlink'
echo 'fat content a' > a.fat
git add a.fat
git commit -m'add a.fat'
echo 'fat content b' > b.fat
git add b.fat
git commit -m'add b.fat'
echo 'revise fat content a' > a.fat
git commit -am'revise a.fat'
git fat push
cd ..
git clone fat-test fat-test2
cd fat-test2
# checkout and pull should fail in repo not yet init'ed for git-fat
git fat checkout && true
if [ $? -eq 0 ]
echo 'ERROR: "git fat checkout" in uninitialised repo should fail'
exit 1
git fat pull -- 'a.fa*' && true
if [ $? -eq 0 ]
echo 'ERROR: "git fat pull" in uninitialised repo should fail'
exit 1
git fat init
git fat pull -- 'a.fa*'
cat a.fat
echo 'file which is committed and removed afterwards' > d
git add d
git commit -m'add d with normal content'
rm d
git fat pull
# Check verify command finds corrupt object
mv .git/fat/objects/6ecec2e21d3033e7ba53e2db63f69dbd3a011fa8 \
echo "Not the right data" > .git/fat/objects/6ecec2e21d3033e7ba53e2db63f69dbd3a011fa8
git fat verify && true
if [ $? -eq 0 ]; then echo "Verify did not detect invalid object"; exit 1; fi
mv .git/fat/objects/6ecec2e21d3033e7ba53e2db63f69dbd3a011fa8.bak \